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SANITAS Hospital, photos & events

Around SANITAS Hospital

SANITAS Hospital was created with a vision to be the number one choice in family health care in Tanzania. We believe we have created a facility and services to meet that vision. We are always striving to have the best offer the most up to date technology and treatments. We thank you for your support.

Around SANITAS Photo Album

Health Days

SANITAS Hospital is committed to the health and wellbeing of our patient community. Part of that commitment is engaging in global and government health and wellbeing movements and charters that will benefit our patients and the general health of Tanzanians overall.    We are proud to be involved organise or contribute to these campaigns and we hope we will see you there! 

Health Days Photo Album

Lymphodema Clinics

SANITAS Hospital is most proud to be amongst the first in Tanzania to provide proven treatment and improvement in the quality of life for sufferers of Lymphodema (Elephantiasis).  This disease can be treated and the impact vastly reduced, if the patient has the right physical therapies and surgical interventions where required. In co-operation with the American Lymphodema Association and the Indian Amrita Institute SANITAS not only offers treatment and surgery for patients, but we train other healthcare providers on how to do the same. Our primary interest being to improve the lives of Tanzanian's suffering this debilitating disease.

Lymphodema Clinics Photo Album

Award winning Hospital

SANITAS Hospital is striving always to provide the best medical and wellbeing services for our patient community and for all Tanzanian's. It is our goal to the be the number  one choice for healthcare in Tanzania. On some occasions these efforts are recognised by our patients, our peers in the health industry and other organisations and we receive an award. This recognition cheers our hearts and keeps us motivated always to be the best we can be. We thank you for your inspiration. 

SANITAS Awards Photo Album

More photos and events coming soon..

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