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A fast and accurate diagnosis is only the begining when you have a medical problem. It is important that you can start the required treatment as soon as possible.  


At SANITAS we don't refer you somewhere else, we can treat you right here on site.  Our diagnostic and treatment departments work closely together and our professional and friendly staff will have you back on the track to good health in no time. 

SANITAS Hospital has a full range of treatment facilities on site so you can start getting better immediately.  Our pharmacies are available 24 hours, our nursing staff are available 24 hours. Our Theatre, physio Dental and Dialysis are available during week days and in emergencies. 



SANITAS Hospital has two pharmacies open 24 hours a day for all of your medication needs.


Location: SANITAS Hospital, level 1 & 2

Waiting: General Hospital waiting areas

Open: 24 hours, 7 days a week

Referral: from a doctor is  required



SANITAS Hospital has two full time physiotherapists 5 days a week by appointment with or without referral.

Location SANITAS Hospital, level 1

Waiting: Has it's own waiting area

Open:  Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm



SANITAS Hospital has a full service dental clinic with professional and friendly dental staff. Our dental unit offers basic dental hygiene right up to full cosmetic dentistry. .   

Location SANITAS Hospital, level 2

Waiting: In patient waiting area

Open:  Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm

Results:  Dental x-rays are available on site


SANITAS Hospital has a five bed Dialysis unit open Monday to Friday or by arrangement. Our professional technicians oversee your dialysis treatment, arrange for your medications and liase with your doctors on your treatment.

Location SANITAS Hospital, level 1

Waiting: Has it's own waiting area

Open:  Monday - Friday by appointment

Referral:  From a doctor is required


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