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The Children's Clinic is a clinic set aside within SANITAS Hospital just for children and their families. 


Here your children can relax and be themselves without upsetting other types of visitors to the hospital. Here you will also find other mums and dads going through the same problems and professional staff who understand. 

The Children's Clinic has a fun atmosphere and lots of things to keep the children distracted from their problems. The Children's clinic is staffed with dedicated childrens specialists and Paediatricians.

( ) Open every day!

( ) Only for kids! 

( ) Paediatricians on duty 7 days

( ) Space for kids to be kids

( ) Nursing staff on duty to help you

( ) Phlebotomy on site, you don't have to     take your kids around the Hospital

( ) Kids love it! 

Paediatricans on duty:
Dr Hetel

Dr Rebekah


Open 7 days
Mon - Fri      8am-6pm
Sat - Sun   10am - 4pm
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